Myron Wickham - Baltimore Maryland

I had an excellent experience with this company. Needed a new clutch and Jim Jennings did a good job. All of the preliminary set up was done on the phone so I was a little skeptical about leaving my vehicle on the lot using the over night key delivery box. I felt assured that JC knew what he was talking about when we discussed which system to choose for my vehicle. I've never given my vehicle for repair without a face to face interaction with the proprietor. Felt somewhat uncertain about the process. However all my concerns were pushed aside when I picked up my vehicle and found it in remarkable condition. I was most surprised when I found $18 that I'd left accidentally in an inconspicuous spot inside the vehicle. Didn't want to make a big deal about it when I realized I'd left it so I didn't mention to JC. Was pleasantly surprised when the money was right where I'd left it when I picked the car up. There was no way it was overlooked by repair staff. If it was gone I would not have made it an issue, but thanks to JC, Steve, office staff and repair crew for their honesty, excellent care and commitment to customer service. I'll make a strong recommendation for Jim Jennings to everyone I know seeking clutch or transmission repair. Its well worth all the effort it will take to get the car to Jim Jennings in Essex. Thanks Jim Jennings.

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