Neil - Parkville Maryland

I first heard about Jim Jennings Transmissions from my Professor at Towson University. He told me about a sting that the news conducted to catch dishonest transmission shops. He said that Jim Jennings was used as the control shop to verify if the transmission repairs were good or bad and to assess what the average cost of repair should be. That stuck in my mind. In 2002, I needed a transmission for my 1993 Ford Aerostar. Against my better judgement, I went somewhere else to save money. The transmission was fixed, but stopped working after two months. It was fixed under warranty, but took six months to be completed, then it broke down again 2 months after the 1 year warranty expired. Of course I was told that it was different parts that failed this time and charged and additional $500. I swore that if I ever needed transmission work again, I was going straight to Jim Jennings. When I bought my 1999 Ford Expedition with what I thought was a bad transmission, I took it straight there. They diagnosed the problem and found out that the transmission was fine, but a sensor had come unplugged. The only cost I paid was for the tow! I truly believe some other place would have charged thousands of dollars and I would have never been the wiser. I am confident that, had my truck needed a new transmission, Jim Jennings would have done it right the first time. Thank you Jim Jennings for your honest, efficient and courteous service!

Our Reply

Thank you Neil for your detailed review of your transmission and vehicle history. Truly interesting and fortunately for our Jennings Family, we know reputation and customers are our most valuable assets and pledge to always do the "right thing" to protect them.

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