Chris T - Pasadena Maryland

I had been trying to track down and resolve a drive line vibration in my 2002 Ford F-150 for about 3 years. I've taken my truck to many repair shops, all of which half-way listened to my theory of what might be the problem, and proceeded to throw parts at it (new shocks, new tires, wheel bearings, front end suspension work, etc) or blame the vibration issue on my modified suspension (6 inch lift kit). I have owned this truck since it was brand new and am rather meticulous about its maintenance and care. You really would have to see the truck to understand just how meticulous (she's real clean). Just when I was about to give up hope that I could have this drive line vibration issue resolved, a family member of mine recommended I give Jim Jennings Transmissions a call. I called and spoke with J.C. and could immediately sense he was a very knowledgeable transmission technician and actually listened to my theory of what might be the issue, as well as what all previously has been done to the truck in attempt to resolve it. I dropped my truck off in early February to have it looked at and ultimately picked it back up in early March. During its one month stay, my aluminum drive shaft was removed and balanced, as well as a complete rebuild of my rear axles and differential rebuild. To most people 1 month would seem like a long time to complete the work mentioned. But what they don't realize is the amount of effort Jim Jennings Transmission put in to investigate the problem, as well as any small change to the truck would follow with a call to me to come and test drive it to see if I noticed improvement. They would also make sure I was happy with the service and if I wanted to continue investigating. Between the drive shaft and rear axle work, I am now very pleased with how my truck runs. It's been a month since I picked it up and I'm driving down the highway with a smile now that the vibration issues are finally gone. As stated earlier, I've had this truck since it was brand new. We've been together a long time. I hope to have many more years and miles with this truck and if when I need any work that would require the level of attention to detail that this truck deserves, I will most certainly return to Jim Jennings Transmissions, as well as recommend them for their quality of work and compassion for their customers and their rides. Thank you all!

Our Reply

Chris, what a wonderful testimonial. Thank you. And rest assured Jim Jennings Transmissions will be handy for you, your friends, and your family in the future. We appreciate you coming all the way up from Pasadena.

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