Jessica Esochaghi - White Marsh Maryland

My car broke down and I was told that it was a transmission problem and the transmission repair shop I went to was suggesting that I get a rebuilt transmission for $3000! Well, I sure did not have that kind of money laying around and had almost given up, when I decided to get a second opinion from another transmission shop in Baltimore. And that is when I met the amazing team at Jim Jennings! They did a thorough diagnostic and found out that my problem was not even transmission. Long story short, I ended up paying WAYYYY less and my car is running smoothly till now! By the way its been 5 months :) And I must mention the excellent customer service, they kept me informed, explained things very well and the main store owner was so down to earth and helpful. Now I do not hope to have another transmission problem, but if I do- you know who I would be going to!

Our Reply

Every member of the team really appreciates you taking the time to share some comments about the transmission problem we diagnosed for you at our shop in Baltimore. We know you could have found a transmission shop in White Marsh to help with your problem and we are grateful we had a chance to be of assistance. We also hope you never have another problem with your transmission but if you do we will be ready to help you again.

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