Why Do I Get So Many Different Prices When I Call Around?

Jim Jennings Transmission Baltimore

Great question and oh so easy to answer. If you were to call six different grocery stores and pose the question......."how much is a grocery cart full of groceries" do you think you would get six different answers? Of course you would and the reason would be the same reason you get six different answers from repair centers.

The price in each situation depend on exactly what goes into either the grocery cart or the transmission and the quality. You can easily imagine the contents of a "low priced" grocery cart compared to a cart full of all your favorite goodies. Its easy to understand the reason for the price difference because you can see, feel, taste and smell the difference.

Its much harder to understand why you get so many different prices from transmission centers but the reason is exactly the same as with grocery stores. The price is based on what goes in your transmission as well as the reputation of the people standing behind the work. If a transmission needs to be rebuilt, at least one internal part is 100% worn out. That worn out part is working with parts that are 98%, 95%, 90%, 80%, 70%,60% worn out and so on. If the price is on the low side, it is reasonable to assume they are not replacing as many worn parts as the more moderately priced job and the warranty is probably going to reflect the lower quality job.

Unlike the grocery cart, with a transmission repair you won't know what you bought because you can't see, taste or smell the difference. You may, however, be able to feel the difference down the road and in your wallet. Protect yourself by thoroughly "vetting" the business you're going to do business with by asking friends, family and co-workers "if they needed transmission repair, who would they go to"? Then ask them "why"? If their reasons match what you're looking for......go visit them in person and see for yourself.

Also, internet reviews have made it much easier for consumers to "vet" the businesses they're thinking about visiting.