Why Doesn't My Transmission Have A Dipstick?

Jim Jennings Transmission Baltimore

The answer is simple in our opinion......MONEY. Most auto companies have decided to build many of their models without a fill-tube or dipstick. If they produce a million of them and they save $5 each, that adds up to a savings of $5,000,000. It also saves money on warranty repairs because there will be one less place a leak can develop.

A second benefit to the dealer is more traffic in their service bays since owners no-longer can check their transmission fluid.

Dealerships are telling their customers their transmission is a "sealed unit" when, in fact, it has always been a sealed unit......meaning it has always had 12 to 15 seals to keep dirt and water out and fluid in.

The problem with this design is that the car has to be raised on a lift and have a technician remove a plug in the side of the transmission in order to check the level. It is inconvenient and aggravating for owners of these models to be forced to go to a garage just to have the peace of mind that their transmission fluid is full.

Transmissions don't burn or consume fluid. If the fluid is low it is reasonable to expect one or more of the seals or gaskets to be leaking. The advice from Jim Jennings Transmissions is to always be conscious of spots under your car so you'll know if you have to bring it in for us to check your fluid level. The size of the spot, be it a quarter, a baseball or a basketball will let you know how soon you need to get your fluid checked. Fluid is to a transmission as blood is to a human and both must have enough to live.