Why Can't You Diagnose My Problem While I Wait?

Jim Jennings Transmission Baltimore

Transmissions and the vehicles that travel the highways today are closer to a small space shuttle than to your grand father's car or truck. As a result of the computerization of so many of the vehicle's components and the integration of those components, its far too complex to do a "seat of the pants" check-out. We also want to be 100% accurate with our diagnosis. We don't want to "amputate a hand when all that's needed is a manicure".

Even though we have 15 staff members who specialize in transmission and drive-line repairs, each particular problem and type of vehicle require the technician who is the most qualified to identify the cause of your problem in the most efficient manor. If he is tied up on another problem, it may be hours before he can focus on yours. Also, since there are literally hundreds of possible problems and combinations of problems, it is often difficult to project exactly how long it will take to identify the root-cause of your's. The old saying "hast makes waste" could be translated into "hast makes mistakes and sometimes cost more money".

Being totally serious for a moment, we fully realize your car, SUV or truck represents your freedom and when used in your business, your livelihood. We want to identify your problem as fast as humanly possible, educate you as to the exact problem and what repair is needed and then wait for you to tell us what you want us to do.