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Transmission Repair FAQ

As a leading Baltimore transmission repair shop, Jim Jennings Transmission is happy to share our expertise and knowledge about the repair and service of automatic and manual transmissions. We hope that all of our customers in the greater Baltimore area find these frequently asked questions and answers about transmission repair useful.

What transmission services does Jim Jennings Transmissions offer?

What exactly is limp mode?

Why does my transmission fluid look like a strawberry milkshake?

Can you just replace the part that failed inside the transmission and not rebuild it?

Why can't you diagnose my problem while I wait?

Used transmissions, are they a good idea?

Why does an automatic transmission wear out?

What is a transmission solenoid?

Why do I get so many different prices when I call around?

Why doesn't my transmission have a dipstick?

Should I fix my transmission or replace my car?

Should I fix my car or replace it?