To Flush.....or Not To Flush, That Is The Question.

Jim Jennings Transmission Baltimore

First of all, rarely will a flush or transmission service cure a is a maintenance item and occasionally a "crystal ball" view into the future.

Not every automatic transmission should be flushed. Transmissions under 30,000 miles don't need to be flushed unless the vehicle tows, pushes snow, carries a lot of weight or is used as a taxi cab or postal vehicle. The closer to 60,000 miles a transmission gets, with the original fluid, the greater the need for a flush.

The options you have for automatic transmission maintenance are:

  • Don't do anything
  • The traditional pan-drop service
  • The pan-drop service plus flush
  • Fluid exchange at the radiator through the cooler lines

Each option has pros and cons and it usually takes an experienced technician to gather the information on your vehicle so they can help you decide how you can get the most "bang for your buck".

High miles on the original fluid may bring on problems if you decide to flush your transmission. Most all automatic transmissions will eventually leak from one or more of the 12 to 15 seals, o-rings and gaskets. Flushing just might speed up that leak because the new fluid cleans better and might be somewhat thinner than the old fluid. Talk to us and we'll help you decide which course of action is best for your situation