How Does Jim Jennings Transmissions Handle Towing?

Jim Jennings Transmission Baltimore

We have three local towing companies that take care of our customers. If you have a problem with your car or truck during the day (Monday-Friday) simply call us at 410 686-6700 and we will make all the arrangements. If you are stranded after hours or on the weekend, simply call either of the following three tow companies and they will handle the arrangements and insure your vehicle gets to our shop safely.

  • FMR Towing 410-238-2215
  • Redstar Towing 410-360-2077
  • Tim's Towing 410-248-9029

The cost of the tow will be placed on our account with the tow company you chose so you won't need to pay them directly. A portion of the cost may be paid by Jim Jennings Transmissions depending on the circumstances. A general rule is..... should your car or truck require serious work, we will pick up the first five miles of the tow.

In the situation where you are making the arrangements with AAA or another tow company, tell them to lock your vehicle on our lot, and using our "night drop envelope", have them identify the key and place it in our key drop in the first overhead door next to the office.