Customer Testimonials

The Jim Jennings Transmissions staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our customers in Baltimore and the greater Baltimore County community are the most valued assets of our Baltimore area auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from car owners and equally happy to share their feedback with you! So if you live in Baltimore or the surrounding Baltimore County area please consider our shop for all your car or truck's driveline repair and service needs.

Ms. Carrington from Essex MD

I put a lot of effort into searching for a safe vehicle to transport my family. So when the core of my vehicle needed repair, I sought out true experts to not only get me back on the road, but keep me there for the long run. Transmission specialists at Jim Jennings' were not only skillful professionals, but welcoming, which made me comfortable with the price of my quality service. It was a justified trade-off. Hands down Jim Jennings is the best transmission repair in Baltimore!

Tiffany Not Provided from Canton MD

JJ is the best auto repair place I have been too. I wish they did more than transmissions because I would go there for everything. They called me at 8 am to let me know my car was there safe and sound and they would call and they were going to look at my car and call me back. They called me back at 10ish and said we have found a problem with in your transmission and fully explained what the problem was and gave me and estimate. At 11:30 am they called me back and said the problem was fixed and my car was running great. Their prices and quality are excellent. They made me feel secure and at ease by keeping me up to date about my car. When I went to pick my car up, I was greeted by 3 of the workers and they were very friendly and made me feel at home. One guy explained to me what happened with my transmission and explained it in a mechanical way. The second guy explained it to me in a non mechanic way so I have a better understanding and even showed me the damaged part off my car in explanation. The three guys explained to me how to maintain my transmission and explained what I should ask the establishment who checks and replaces my oil so I get the best service out of them. I will refer everyone to jj. They really made me feel at ease and the quality of work was the best I ever had at any shop. thanks jj.

Phil Blatcher from York Pennsylvania

I didn't think it was sill possible to get top notch, quality service anymore but, that's just what Jim Jennings gives. They made me feel like I was their number 1 customer. They repaired my vehicle ahead of the promised time and at a very resonable price. My vehicle runs better then ever and they guarantee all their work. Gary and his staff are the best, THANK YOU! I have been telling everyone to go to JIM JENNINGS for all their transmission work.

Dominic Daniel from Baltimore MD

I want to thank Charlie Dukeman for all his help with my transmission. I had called to see if they had a part in stock which they did, but Charlie proceeded to ask what the problem was, I described the problem to him and he diagnosed my problem completely different than I had originally thought. I drove my car down to Essex from Bel Air, and he fixed my problem FREE OF CHARGE! The only thing I needed was a bushing instead of the 50 dollar transmission governor the other shop wanted to install which was incorrect. Thanks again!!

Collin Edwards from Perry Hall MD

While having trouble with my transmission (5R55S), I was reading online about how positive the reviews are with Jim Jennings Transmissions. I decided to take my car in and John Chalk checked it out on a test run. I was told I needed either a trans replacement or rebuild done. I chose to get the rebuild done. After the service was completed, I immediately noticed that all the troublesome problems I had before were now gone. My experience with Jim Jennings Transmissions and their staff from start to finish was nothing short of excellent. I would give Jim Jennings Transmissions an A+ for their service, quality of work, and their amazing amount of knowledge and expertise on transmissions. I was talked to as though I was part of their family. Their striving for honest, quality work truly showed with my experience on the phone and at the shop. I would strongly recommend Jim Jennings Transmissions to anyone else seeking transmission repair/service.

Mike Gussin from Ellicott City MD

JC took care of our 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner by rebuilding the 727. In addition to this service JC also found and fixed other, non-trans related issues some of which would have been impossible to find or repair without the trans removed. The Roadrunner performs better than it ever has. Price was right and service was excellent - overall 5 star experience! Even the flatbed towing service was top notch and professional.

Jessica Esochaghi from Whitemarsh Maryland

My car broke down and I was told that it was a transmission problem and the transmission repair shop I went to was suggesting that I get my transmission rebuilt for $3000! Well, I sure did not have that kind of money laying around and had almost given up, when I decided to get a second opinion. And that is when I met the amazing Jim Jennings Team! They did a thorough diagnostic and found out that my issue was not even transmission. Long story short, I ended up paying WAYYYY less and my car is running smoothly till now! By the way its been 5 months :) And I must mention the excellent customer service, they kept me informed, explained things very well and the main store owner was so down to earth and helpful. Now I don't hope to have a transmission problem, but if I do- You know who I would be going to!

TJ Brooks from Catonsville MD

In December 2007, we had to have the transmission and ECM replaced in my 2001 Toyota RAV 4. We struggled with whether to incur the expense ($5,100) that we had not budgeted for or to just scrap the car and buy a new one. To make a long story short we went ahead and had the transmission and ECM replaced. Fast forward 3 years. The RAV 4 has been running just fine and out of the blue we get a call from JC at Jim Jennings Transmissions. JC told us that he had learned, through an online forum, that there was a possible warranty enhancement available through Toyota to cover the replacement of the ECM and transmission on our model year RAV 4. JC suggested we contact Toyota for more information. We did just that and on Friday we received a reimbursement check from Toyota in the amount of $5,147. JC most certainly did not have to notify us about the extended warranty (Toyota should have done that!). JC and Jim Jennings Transmissions stood to gain nothing...but our eternal gratitude...for making that phone call. We can't begin to say enough good things about the EXCEPTIONAL customer service we received from JC! It's so nice to know there are businesses with integrity that truly care about their customers!

Jay Carpenter from Middle River Maryland

We took our Hyundai in for transmission work, needed a replacement transmission and we shopped for the most reliable shop we could find. After researching the internet, and reviewing the great customer comments, as well as an A+ rating from the BBB we decided to have our work done there. Jim Jennings owner, Gary was extremely helpful and even had shown us parts and what they had to replace. All the staff were very courteous. I would recommend Jim Jennings for all your transmission needs.

Rob Johns from Edgemere Maryland

I took my wife's car to Jim Jennings for repair fearing the worst. The vehicle had been shifting hard and revving in between changes. The car was seen at Jim Jennings and found to have problem with the computer, not the transmission. The team at Jim Jennings did some research and found an obscure recall on this vehicle. They requested I take the car to the dealership and have it fixed for free! This saved me a lot of money and shows what a honest and respectable establishment Jim Jennings is.

Beth Woody from Nottingham Maryland

I have been recommending Jim Jennings Transmissions to my friends and family members for the past week. Recently, my car had a leak. The shop that I took it to was unable to do the repair work and recommended Jim Jennings Transmissions. - I am extremely pleased with how courteous they were to me at Jim Jennings Transmissions, how they kept me informed concerning the repair's progress, how they explained what was needed and why, how promptly it was completed, and how they "went the extra mile" to make the entire experience easier for me.

Eugene Sobul from Essex Maryland

When our Honda Civic was having transmissions issues, we researched many different locations in the area. We were discussing our search with our neighbor and she referred us to Jim Jennings Transmissions. She told us that they were a reliable company and they have been in business for many years. We read numerous reviews about Jim Jennings, from several websites, and the impression we gathered was Jim Jennings is a trustworthy place. We took our Civic in and we received friendly, honest, and knowledgeable customer service. They did an excellent job identifying and repairing our transmission problem; the repair was done quickly; and we were charged a reasonable rate. We will definitely bring our vehicles to Jim Jennings in the future, and we highly recommend Jim Jennings to anyone who is looking for a dependable company.

Jessica H. from Dundalk Maryland

Jim Jennings Transmissions was recommended to me by my step-father who had service there some time ago. When I had car trouble, I called JJ and Gary spoke to me over the phone. I told him the symptoms that my car was having. And he broke it down for me and told me that it could've been a number of reasons why my car was acting the way it was, so he asked me to drop off my car and someone will be in touch with me the next morning.Come to find out, it wasn't my transmission (thank god), but a fuse that was blown. The price to get it fixed was very reasonable and affordable. I would definitely pay that price again before I pay the price for a new transmission. I'm just thankful that it wasn't my transmission !! Ray actually worked on my car and made it better again..He kept in touch with me before each step that he took to fix my car. Thank you so much !! I would definitely recommend JJ transmissions and I would refer my friends and family as well (: You guys are awesome !

Phyllis Not Provided from Baltimore MD

J&J Transmission is a very professional repair center. the price is right and they treat you like family. They even gave me a tour and an education lesson about transmissions.

David Not Provided from Dundalk MD

I can't thank Jim Jennings Transmission enough. The clutch in my truck went out,and I took it to another repair shop on Eastern Ave and they gave me a price over $3,000.00 for clutch and transmission work that needed to be done. I was ready to dump my truck until my boss told me to take it to Jim Jennings. I paid $727.87, and I had no transmission problem. I told them going in what the other place was going to charge me. As far as I am concerned Jim Jennings could have done the same thing,but they didn't. I can't thank Jim Jennings enough. They are honest, do good work,and fast. Whatever the top star is, I would have to give it to them. It's nice to know there are still businesses that are honest. They have my business from now on. I would tell anyone to go there.

Diane Not Provided from Odenton MD

Excellent customer service! A business I can truly trust and I will recommend to my family and friends. Thanks for all your help!

jim bradley from sparrows point Maryland

I recently 5/6/14 had my transmission fixed at jim Jennings and was very satisfied with excellent and polite service.thank you ray for keeping me informed of the problem and repairs required.highly recommend them.jim sparrows point md.21219

Anthony Not Provided from Durham North Carolina

I was on my way to Philadelphia when my Pathfinder's clutch decided to go out. I spent about an hour in a gas station parking lot trying to fix it myself not knowing what the real problem was. I then turned to the phone book and saw a huge ad with their number. I called and I was truly lucky that they were there on Saturday. Gary answered and made all the arrangements to have the Pathfinder towed to there shop and he personally picked my family and I up and brought us to the airport so we can rent a car and be on our way. Then on Monday when they took apart the transmission and found out the problem, they made some adjustments to their schedule to have me done on Tuesday so I can make it back to work on Wednesday. They truly are customer service oriented and very professional. There are still some great businesses left in this world and I experienced it first hand with them.

Jason Carter from Baltimore MD

Today I had my transmission fluid changed in my Chevy Impala. I found all the staff to exceed my expectations. They were able to get me an appointment same day to accommodate my busy schedule. Once I arrived everyone was polite and I found the staff to be very knowable. I also had a in depth conversation with Gary Jennings in the waiting room. After our talk it was very clear that he has a passion for excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this Baltimore transmission shop to everyone I know.

Ayoola Ojo from Essex MD

I never had problems with transmission and honestly I would have to check with my dictionary on how to spell the word.. until one bad day when I unknowingly bought a used 2005 Nissan quest with a bad transmission..2005!! Transmission became my favorite word.. I called everywhere, googled every shop and sent a lot of emails .. all the results I got back made my situation more of a headache and stress... until I got referred to Jim Jennings Transmissions. I called and spoke with Gary, he was more concerned about my conditions not even the vehicle..he gave ideas upon ideas which really made me relaxed.. I felt really well that I had to go in for a store quote.. when I got to the store, Gary and I took a tour and that was the first time I saw what a trans looked like.. he kept it 100% .. I was like wow... this man really has nothing to hide...I put my van in the shop and less than one week I got it out with the help of their finance program they offered.. the van runs great and they even put my tags on and also I want to thank you guys very much for the bolts and screws you put on the panel covering the radiator.. I noticed it later on.. thanks GARY, thanks DEXTER, thanks JC and also the entire staff of Jim Jennings. Thanks very much.

Helena Darnell from Baltimore Maryland

Gary Jennings and the Jennings Group was a bright spot in an otherwise dark week for my family. My son, a college student, purchased a used Jeep several months ago. Since purchasing, he has had several repairs made. On Monday, he called me saying that while on the beltway, the Jeep starting to decelerate and then he heard a racing sound in the engine. It was suggested, he now had a transmission problem...horror!!!!. I called Gary Jennings in a state of panic. Gary was so kind, he told my son to bring the Jeep over. Gary, personally drove in the Jeep with my son, and after a couple test drives, determined it not to be a transmission issue. The Jeep did need some minor repairs and they were made in a timely manner, depite the lot being crowded with cars. I would recommend Jim Jennings Transmission to anyone who wanted fair, honest and timely repairs.
Helena Darnell

Alex Darnell from Baltimore Maryland

Jim Jennings Transmission provided me with EXCELLENT service! I was able to talk to someone on the phone before bringing my car to them to get an idea of what my problem was. We went on a test drive to see exactly what my problem was, and diagnose any additional problems that I was not aware of. The service was quick, and not excruciatingly expensive. I was treated as if I had been coming to them for years. That's the way ALL repair shops should be. Jim Jennings Transmission gets 10/10 from me! Thank you all!

Cheri Bachman from Baltimore Maryland

This is the only place i will ever take my car to have work on my transmission. John (JC) Chalk went over and above for me. He is the most HONEST,DECENT AND RESPECTFUL person i have ever dealt with. I want to thank you JC for what you did for me .I appreciate more than words could ever express!

Frances Cary from Catonsville Maryland

Jim Jennings Transmission is incredible. I had my transmission replaced in October of 2012 and I received excellent service for a fair price and my car was promptly returned to me. On 4/26/13, I broke down and had no idea what the repairs would be. Mr. Gary Jennings gave an in-depth explanation what the possibilities could be, and then the shop diagnosed that I had a bad radiator. The radiator was replaced by the end of the day. Jennings does not usually do other repairs, focusing on transmissions. But as a previous customer, they were willing to help me when I had the radiator problem. I completely trust Jim Jennings to perform service on my car. Thank you!

Herman Lorenz from Baltimore Maryland

Not enough stars to show my satisfaction with your work.
JC and all other employees very helpful and friendly.

Bob Melanson from Baltimore MD

I want to take a moment and thank you for your excellent service. In this day and age when we don't know whom we can trust, it is refreshing to find a repair facility such as yours that exemplifies honesty and integrity along with expert service. As a business owner, I need to meet with multiple clients daily and the nature of my consignment business requires me to travel to their homes to evaluate the items they wish to sell/consign. I dropped off my vehicle fully expecting to hear that I would need to have my transmission replaced or at the very least be required to pay a large sum of money to have it repaired. After a road test and a computer diagnostic check of my vehicle, your service representative told me that all I needed was a simple external sensor and that my car would be ready by noon for less than $200. I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding service. I will be happy to recommend your repair shop to others as fair, honest, expert and courteous.

Arlon King from Daytona Beach Florida

Thanks for doing such a professional and timely job on our transmission replacement. The entire staff at Jim Jennings Transmissions treated us like family!

Bill Mciimail from Baltimore MD

I want to thank Jim Jennings Transmissions for the professional service JC provided to me last week. On Monday, I called you to set up an appointment for a transmission problem. On Tuesday morning, I dropped off my car at 7:00 AM. By 8:30, JC called and told me there was no transmission issue but I clearly had an engine performance issue. He asked if I used a local mechanic. I indicated I have taken my vehicles for years to Paul Stiffler across the street. He told me "I WILL RUN IT ACROSS FOR YOU TO PAUL". Amazing. By noontime, Paul diagnosed the problem, It needed a catalytic converter. By days end, I was back on the road. My Chevy Impala was running smoothly again. This professional courtesy was above and beyond what I normally have come to expect. Many mechanics would have echoed: You don't have a transmission problem but I don't know what it is so come get your car. Your employee went the extra mile. It saved me an extra trip plus caused minimal inconvenience to me. The goodwill built up by your father continues to grow with employees like JC.

Paul Hollenstein from Dundalk MD

I have had several older cars with transmission problems that I brought to Jim Jennings for repair/rebuild. The work was always done quickly and professionally. The transmissions out lived the cars it was in. I had a JJ do a rebuild on my daughters 1990 Camry last year. I just brought it back for it's yearly check up and as usual it runs like a Swiss clock. Look no further if you ever need any transmission work done and want a professional and reliable job!

James Not Provided from Towson MD

My car was having an intermittent transmission problem. The transmission was overhauled by an ATRA member on the Eastern Shore almost 2 years previously. As I was still under warranty, I took the car to Jennings because it is also a member. Gary took a ride with me and readily diagnosed the problem. Jennings contacted the original shop on my behalf and explained the problem. That shop agreed it was a warranty issue and had the car towed in for what turned out to be a complete overhaul--at no charge. I am convinced that Jennings involvement was instumental in the car being fixed under warranty. I can't say enough about how I was treated at Jennings, especially in view of the fact that I did not have the original repair done at their shop. It is a very professionally run operation.

Ken Macleod from Forest Hill MD

Dear Gary, So many times, when we hear from a customer, it is a negative response. But I wanted to let you know that since I have been coming to Jim Jennings Transmission to have my car serviced, I have nothing but glowing words for the level of service that I have received! Service writer Dex is the perfect guy that you have at your front desk and the timely manor that my car was serviced on Friday, Jan 18th, took about an hour for my 30,000 mile check-up. I have been bringing my cars to your shop since about 1994 when I blew a transmission in Jupiter, Florida. It was repaired in Jupiter but soon after getting back to Baltimore, it, blew again. Thanks to the warranty Dex and your staff did a wonderful job and I have been coming back to your shop ever since.

Frank Lopez from Ocean City MD

Thanks for the great professional service I always receive. If I deal with Gary, Dex or JC, my 1994 Ford Ranger and I have been treated with the utmost respect. I have been to JJ for routine transmission service before and after you rebuilt my transmission. After moving to Ocean City, Md. and 320,000 miles on my Ranger, I always come back to Jim Jennings for the best transmission service in Baltimore!

Mary Wyatt from Bel Air MD

Thank you all so much for such wonderful service. My husband was away for work and you guys picked my car up for me on a Sunday because I was afraid to drive it with the transmission problem. You got the job done in the amount of time you told me and explained everything that was done in a manner that I could understand. I am so thankful for my brother and sister in law at T.J.'s Auto Body for recommending you guys to me! I would be happy to recommend your shop to everyone! Thanks again!

Robert C. McCoy from Baltimore MD

I want to thank you and Jim Jennings for the professional way that I was treated on April 18, 2008, when you test drove my Grand Cherokee with the 42E Transmission.I had replaced the govenor pressure solenoid, the pressure transducer solenoid and the overdrive torque converter clutch solenoid. You said that it had a delay in shifting at slow speeds, but shifted good at high speeds. After your serviceman adjusted the shift cable, it shifted perfectly at all speeds. You are hardly aware of it shifting. You were patient with me and sat in the waiting room and talked with me man to man and explained exactly how the 42E operated. I have worked on my vehicles and dealt with many servicemen for over fifty years and I have never experienced such excellent expert service with any company! I am a Deacon and on the Board of Managers at the 7,500 member New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore. I printed your web page and posted it on our bulletin board at church and as we travel from church to church with our Bishop, I will be a moving advertisement for Jim Jennings. Thank you again for your professionalism. I will keep you and your family and Jim Jennings in my prayers.

Paul Mahoney from Towson MD

Thank you for the courtesies you and your people extended to me recently regarding our 95 Buick Roadmaster wagon. A special thanks to the two of your employees JC and Dexter who actually walked me through the problems with our transmission. As in the past Jim Jennings Transmissions has again proved to be the most knowledgeable transmission experts we have ever dealt with! Your excellence and leadership has given us the peace of mind in dealing with a competent local company. As a company ourselves, with eight vehicles on the road, it is a must to keep our vehicles in top condition. We believe today that you shouldn't be in business only for the money and that the best in anything seldom goes bankrupt. Again, thank you for your great service and we want you to know that it doesn't go unnoticed.

Dominic D'Apice from Odenton Maryland

I recently had a few questions about my transmission and my extended warranty. They took the time to answer every question with a lot of detail. There is no doubt in my opinion they truthfully care about their customers. If my transmission was to fail I will not hesitate to have my car repaired there.

Howard Keener from Edgemere Maryland

After going to 3 different shops and getting 3 different results and not being pleased with their services I went to Jennings.They actually manually checked out the part I knew was worn, that the others didn't bother to do.They explained exactly what was happening very clearly, which I kinda of thought.They showed me then and there they were an honest shop and I continued to go along with everything that they said was needed. It was a lot of major work and now the truck runs like new.

Joan O'Neill from Baltimore Maryland

I would like to thank all who helped and worked on my Rav4. Thank you for customer service J.C. was very helpful explaining things to me so I understood what was going on with my car and what they had to do. Thank you also to my son in law for recommending Jim Jennings to me.

Aaron Not Provided from Baltimore MD

I took my car to Jennings with what I believed to be a transmission problem. JC took my car out for a road test and came back to talk with me about what he found. He said that he did not believe that it was a transmission problem and took another 20 minutes with me to diagnose the problem. He then tried to help me find a convienient and trustworthy mechanic who could fix the problem. They sent me out with kinds words and no charge. To say that they were honest, kind, and fair does not say enough. When I do finally have a transmission problem, I know exactly where I'll take my car.

Myron Strong from Pikesville MD

These are the best mechanics that I have ever met. They are honest and genuinely care for the customers, you leave there comfortable with your decision and reassured. The Jim Jennings Transmissions' staff is extremely professional and dedicated to making the customer happy.

Ryan Kammer from Bel Air MD

Thank you JC. There are guys out there that want a good build, you understand. Thank you for the time to build a good transmission, to my specs! I'll send all my work to you because you take the time that other shops don't. You know how to build a tranny to customer specs!

Kendall Manges from Parkville Maryland

My check engine light had come on and after having the diagnostics run, I was informed of the codes and notified by a local mechanic that the errors looked to be more "technical issues" than mechanical. I unfortunately had first taken my car to AAMCO who wanted to completely take apart my transmission and rebuild it, which was going to cost me at minimum, $2300. However, I wanted to a second opinion, and was referred to Jim Jennings by 2 other local mechanics. I was EXTREMELY happy I was able to take my car to them, because they indicated there was nothing mechanically wrong, and all they had to do was do a reflash. The whole deal was completed in less than 24 hours, and my bill was about $400.
Jim Jennings' customer service was wonderful (as they rushed to complete the work so that I didn't have to pay an additional day for my rental car) and also gave me extremely honest information, and saved me a TON of money! I have already spread their name around to several friends, and will continue to do so in the future.

Meg Stratton from Towson MD

Thank you Gary and the whole Jim Jennings Family for your outstanding professional knowledge and customer care. The technicians are top notch and your waiting room is nicer than most doctor's waiting rooms!

April Not Provided from Essex MD

Great people to do business with. Honest and fast estimates. Reliable service, warranties are actually vaild as stated. Very competitive prices on work. Highly recomended for your automotive needs.

Bill Not Provided from Essex MD

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service and staff at Jim Jennings Transmissions. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be a repeat customer. I recently had my 2002 Ford F350 Powerstroke Diesel's transmission, transfer case and differentials serviced at Jim Jennings. As expected, the work was great and completed on time as promised. I have another appointment in the near future to have my other vehicle serviced at Jim Jennings also. There are several transmission shops in the area, but I feel Jim Jennings has the experience I count on to do the job properly.

William Rogers from Belair MD

On behalf of my daughter Adrianne and myself I wanted to thank you once again for checking the problem we were having with her 1997 Ford Escort. And, also, before I forget, please thank the technician for his valuable assistance. The effort you men put forth in trying to track down the problem in her car was beyond what I expected. Because of her difficult personal situation you really helped out. I will of course do what you recommended and drive the car personally for a while to see if the problem reoccurs. I'll close by, once again, promising I will always recommend your company to family and friends as the best transmission shop in Baltimore!

Stephen Not Provided from Dundalk MD

I had a reoccurring problem with my transmission CV axle seal. It was hard trying to find a reputable and honest repair shop until I was recommended by a really good friend that knew the Jennings family. I went to them, they fixed my problem, and were courteous and honest. If you don't have that friend to recommend Jim Jennings to you, then take my word for it - they offer exceptional service!!

Louis workmeister from middle River Maryland

Louis Workmeister
I received quotes of up to $4000.00 to replace my transmission from other repair shops.
All of the quotes stated that the transmission could not be repaired that it had to be replaced. Jim Jennings repaired it for $703.00 Dollars.
Not only that but they took before and after pictures explaining to me exactly what the problem was. I think they are the most honest and effective transmission people in all of Maryland.

Michele R from Parkville MD

My 01 Malibu was having transmission problems- too afraid of knowing the problem, I drove it until it couldn't go anymore. Jim Jennings was AWESOME!!! Gary Jennings picked up my car late in the afternoon, called me the next day and told me that it only needed some transmission lines re-done (rusted through). I just KNOW if I took it anywhere else, they would have told me I needed a whole new tranny, to the tune of thousands of dollars. I will definitely be a repeat customer again if I have any transmission issues, ever!! AND their shop was super clean to boot!!

Pat Not Provided from Towson MD

Jim Jennings Transmissions is a great place to have your car serviced. My car needed to be towed and they were very helpful in towing the car for free, determining what needed to be done to the car and calling me to let me know what they found and estimates on the work. They were very professional and friendly explaining what needed to be done and also explaining what did not need to be done. I felt very confident that the work was being done correctly and honestly and that I was not being taken advantage of in my lack of knowledge of the workings of the car. I would recommend them to my friends without hesitation.

George Hayes from Middle River Maryland

Jim Jennings is the finest transmission shop in the Baltimore Area and
let me tell you why. This past Saturday, 12/1/12 I called the shop hoping somebody would be there. Gary, who I believe is the owner and he happened to be there catching up on paperwork heard my concern about what I thought was transmission fluid leaking after a recent servicing of the vehicle, he told us to bring it in. He could have easily blew me off until Monday. He put it upn the lift and checked it hinself and he checked all fluids and to our relief found nothing wrong. In the past I have had 2 transmissions worked on. They always back their work with integrity!

David Q. from Essex Maryland

This will be our second review of Jim Jennings shop. We have a 2005 Chevy Malibu that we were told needed a rebuild on the transmission. This would cost us around $2500, that was almost 3 years ago. After a trans flush and then a fluid top off a year later the car is still running great. I have and will again depend on the excellent repair work of the mechanics and will and have recommend their location to anyone I know who needs transmission work.

vaughn kapp from balto Maryland

The service was excellent I know you can trust the work they do. My whole family has dealt with them. You can trust their work. I would give them a A.

John from White Marsh MD

Better late than never. At the end of last year they came thru for me in a big way replacing the rebuilt transmission they put at the cost for servicing one. they are the best in the business .Standing behind their work and doing it in a timely manner. I am grateful for quality work at an affordable price and the integrity to back it up. Sorry for the delay in this testimonial. Thank you very much.

Eleonora Q. from Timonium Maryland

We appreciate your honesty and professionalism!! We used your services in spring 2011 and had a great experience! This is the story: first we went to another, closer shop, and about 30 minutes later they came up with a $2,500 estimate… The car was fairly new, so we had a hard time to believe that a transmission re-build was needed. Thus, we took it to Jim Jennings’ place. They took it for a test drive, spent another hour with the car and advised that the ONLY problem is the lack of the transmission fluid that will cost us under $100.

You are our ONLY transmission place!

Michael Williams from Towson MD

The customer service I received from Gary and Dex was excellent. What I most appreciated was that when I contacted Jim Jennings, they took the time to listen to and address each of my concerns. The repair and towing costs were very affordable and my car runs great! Thank you so much!

Kirby Summers from Baltimore Maryland

Just wanted to thank Jim Jennings Transmissions for a very professional install of the clutch in my 2007 Shelby GT500 ! I only had 32,000 miles on the used car and only owned it 2 months when the clutch went out in it. I was the 2nd owner of this car . Researching this clutch online I found out that Ford had 4 technical service bulletin fixes on the premature clutch problems. Jim Jennings looked up my vehicle history and said that it had a new clutch replacement after 5,300 miles and showed me . They installed my aftermarket purchased McLeod RXT Dual clutch in a few days I was back on the road. After 1500 miles later I am more than happy with their work ! The clutch engages so smooth now. I'm totally happy with the work . These guys will help you in every way they can to do it right the 1st time ! I will be a returning customer as my son now needs a clutch for another 89 Turbo Supra he purchased.

Eden Cheng from Halethorpe Maryland

I'm so respectful to JimJennings passion and profession. They work for honor and work with honesty and integrity. I'll recommend to anyone who has concerns about their car transmission.

Bryon Not Provided from Baltimore MD

jim jennings transmissions is the #1 spot in Maryland for transmission repair

Patrica G-rmeninger from Parkville MD

We want to thank you for your wonderful service. You identified immediately that the clutch was not the problem. You not only didn't charge us but you assisted with trying to locate the problem. Your honesty and integrity are immeasurable and qualities of great value to customers like us. We have already and will continue to recommend your business to others because of your high standards. Thanks again for your most outstanding service.

Ron Rubenstein from Rosedale Maryland

I got the recommendation to contact Jim Jennings to look at my transmission from my son-in-law. I am so glad I did. The service was outstanding and they treated my vehicle as if it were their own. They did a full inspection and found the issues and contacted me to explain everything that needed to be done. They didn't pull any punches and were up front and honest about everything. All repairs were discused along with the cost and importance of each. I had them go ahead with the repair and the results were outstanding. Not only does the vehicle run likes its brand new they were right on the nose with the cost. No hidden fees, no extras. I will recommend Jim Jennings to anyone I know that is in need of transmission service and I will definitely be taking my car back there for check-ups and any future repairs. THEY ARE THE BEST!!

Thank You Jim Jennings

Fran Lane from Baltimore Maryland

Outstanding service! Jim Jennings Transmissions went above and beyond to fix our 2004 Jeep Liberty. It required a part that was on "national backorder." Unfortunately, the part we needed was under water in a New York warehouse from Superstorm Sandy. Our mechanic, Dex went out of his way searching the internet and talking to dealers across the country to try to track down the part. His hard work and determination paid off. Dex kept us updated on his progress every step of the way. When the part arrived, he installed it immediately and didn't charge us for the labor.
I highly recommend Jim Jennings Transmissions. Their customer service and attention to detail is outstanding!

Fran Lane
Baltimore, MD

Joel Not Provided from Owings Mills MD

Gary Jennings was a huge help in my decision as to whether to repair my car's transmission or not. He was very up front with me. I really appreciated his honesty and would recommend him to anyone who has a question about a company's integrity.

Bill Severn from Baltimore MD

Recommended by a few members of my church, I was still expecting to spend between $2000-$3000 for a tranny rebuild or a replacement, but Jim Jennings diagnosed the problem as an electrical one, and I paid less than $140 total! Jim Jennings could have been like a lot of area tranny shops and hit me BIG time in the wallet, but their honesty and integrity will have me going back to them if I need work done again...and now I'll be the one recommending them...thanks Jim Jennings Transmissions!!

Chris T from Pasadena Maryland

I had been trying to track down and resolve a drive line vibration in my 2002 F150 for about 3 years. I've taken my truck to many repair shops, all of which half-way listened to my theory of what might be the problem, and proceeded to throw parts at it (new shocks, new tires, wheel bearings, front end suspension work, etc) or blame the vibration issue on my modified suspension (6" lift kit). I have owned this truck since it was brand new and am rather meticulous about its maintenance and care. You really would have to see the truck to understand just how meticulous (she's real clean). Just when I was about to give up hope that I could have this drive line vibration issue resolved, a family member of mine recommended I give Jim Jennings Transmissions a call. I called and spoke with J.C, and could immediately sense he was very knowledgeable and actually listened to my theory of what might be the issue, as well as what all previously has been done to the truck in attempt to resolve it. I dropped my truck off in early February to have it looked at and ultimately picked it back up in early March. During its one month stay, my aluminum drive shaft was removed and balanced, as well as a complete rebuild of my rear axles and differential. To most people 1 month would seem like a long time to complete the work mentioned. But what they don't realize is the amount of effort Jim Jennings Transmission put in to investigate the problem, as well as any small change to the truck would follow with a call to me to come and test drive it to see if I noticed improvement. They would also make sure I was happy with the service and if I wanted to continue investigating. Between the drive shaft and rear axle work, I am now very pleased with how my truck runs. It's been a month since I picked it up and I'm driving down the highway with a smile now that the vibration issues are finally gone. As stated earlier, I've had this truck since it was brand new. We've been together almost 14 years150,000k miles. I hope to have many more years and miles with this truck and ifwhen I need any work that would require the level of attention to detail that this truck deserves, I will most certainly return to Jim Jennings Transmissions, as well as recommend them for their quality of work and compassion for their customers and their rides. Thank you all!

Chris T.

Mike Not Provided from Perry Hall MD

Gary, Dex & JC really devoted some time and attention to determining the root casue of the noise coming from the transmission. I could tell they genuinely cared about accurately diagnosing and then resolving the problem. These guys are honest and trustworthy as the day is long! Thank you men!!

Dan Kicklighter from Dundalk MD

Would just like to thank you all for your professional service. My truck runs great! It was so nice dealing with such an honest business as Jim Jennings Transmission!

Neil Not Provided from Parkville MD

I first heard about Jim Jennings from my Professor at Towson University. He told me about sting that the news conducted to catch dishonest transmission shops. He said that Jim Jennings was used as the control shop to verify if the trans were good or bad and to assess what the average cost of repair should be. That stuck in my mind. In 2002, I needed a transmission for my 1993 Ford Aerostar. Against my better judgement, I went somewhere else to save money. The transmission was fixed, but stopped working after two months. It was fixed under warranty, but took six months to be completed, then it broke down again 2 months after the 1 year warranty expired. Of course I was told that it was different parts that failed this time and charged and additional $500. I swore that if I ever needed transmission work again, I was going straight to Jim Jennings. When I bought my 1999 Ford Expedition with, what I thought was a bad transmission, I took it straight there. They diagnosed the problem and found out that the transmission was fine, but a sensor had can unplugged. The only cost I paid was for the tow. I truly believe some other lace would have charged thousands of dollars and I would have never been the wiser. I am confident that, had my truck needed a new transmission, Jim Jennings would have done it right the first time. Thank you Jim Jennings for your honest, efficient and courteous service!

Travis from Baltimore MD

I was very satisfied with my service at Jim Jennings, they were very professional and kept me up to date with what was going on with my car throughout the long process. Would take my car back there if I had any issues again with my car.

Steve Not Provided from Baltimore MD

Jim Jennings did a great job getting my car repaired in a timely manner at a price that didn't break my bank. The folks there were very helpful in explaining what needed to be fixed and were very courteous and friendly as well. I would recommend Jim Jennings Transmission to anyone in need of transmission work.

Thanks again to Jim's for all of their help and service.

Tim Ackerman from Baltimore MD

We have had the pleasure of using J.J's three times, their kindness and experience never faltered. Always went above and beyond to help with our troubles and even took precious time to listen to our constant ranting and questions. The professionalism and amazing mechanical and customer service is at such a level they should write a manual for other clueless service shops to follow. I will never hesitate to use them again in the future. Even if I just wanna know what the weather is I know they will take the time to look outside and tell me....:) Thanks, arn't enough guys...

John Wiley from Timonium MD

I recently had my transmission repaired at Jim Jennings and the service was outstanding. Dex, JC and Gary Jennings were always ready to answer any questions I had. They were honest, courteous and reasonably priced. My SUV runs better than it has ever run since being serviced. I would recommend Jim Jennings Transmissions to any one looking for a first rate, highly professional business. Thanks again.

Chuck Cintas from Essex MD

The epitome of 1st class service! I have been there many times in the past over the years and have had nothing but the most professional service. The work was always on time and complete as appointed. The mechanics are friendly and always eager to assist with any problems I may be concerned about. Bottom line...problem brought...problem resolved... at a very fair and reasonable rate . I may add that the office staff is very professional, courteous, and personable. I would highly recommend them to anyone. THANKS GUYS

Joe Wilson from Baltimore Maryland

I would like to say thanks again to Gary, JC, Ray and the entire JJ staff. I was having a shifting issue that was intermittent and difficult to diagnose on my Dodge Ram (Cummins). The problem showed up on a Saturday afternoon and I called what I thought was the shop but the call was forwarded to Gary's Cell phone. I told him the problem I was having and he took time out of his day to meet me so he could diagnose what was going on with my transmission. I did not believe that this level of customer service existed anymore. I dropped my truck off the following Monday and it was determined the governor pressure switch and speed sensor were bad. I had it back on Tuesday fixed and educated on a dodge 48RE Transmission. The level of knowledge that was exhibited was far superior than any shop I have gone to over my 48 years. Jim Jennings Transmissions cares about its customers.

Joseph Not Provided from Dundalk MD

Jim Jennings is a great business. They are honest, professional, customer oriented people who provide excellent service. I would definetly recommend them to family and friends.

Douglas Bouns from Essex MD

When I had transmmission problems I didn"t know who to turn to so as I was driving down the street I found Jim Jennings and gave them a call not knowing all the great years in service they had and commitment to greatness they have. I am truly lucky that I drove by Jim Jennings at that time I highly recommend that you see them asap. We appreciate your honesty and professionalism!! We used your services in spring 2011 and had a great experience!

Marlene Not Provided from Essex MD

Jim Jennings Transmission is the best place in Baltimore to have your vehicle serviced. The customer service there is far better than I received in a very long time. The quick and speedy service is execellent!!!! I would recommend Jim Jennings Transmission to anyone who wants GOOD QUALITY SERVICE!!!!!! Thank You Very Much

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