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Jim Jennings Transmissions performs hundreds of transmission maintenance procedures every year. These photos show what we find when we remove the transmission's sump pan during a service.The amount of debris helps us get a sense of the health of an automatic transmission based on what has worn off it's 1,000's of parts previous to the pan's removal. The less debris we find, the brighter the transmission's future.

A Clean Transmission Pan

This is exactly what our customers want us to find in the bottom of their transmission's pan....nothing, except a clean magnet.

A Clean Transmission Pan

Another example of a clean pan with the magnet removed. This is evidence that there is no unusual wear taking place in the transmission.

A Transmission In Trouble

This is an example of what you don't want us to find when we remove the transmission's pan to change the fluid and filter. The next step would be to cut the filter open to discover how much additional debris was captured.

Abnormal pan contamination

This transmission sump pan depicts a transmission which should have had routine maintenance more frequently.

A Transmission In Big Trouble

The round magnet is totally covered with ground up steel. If you look carefully you'll see a reddish tint covering the entire bottom which is ground up brass (not good). The white gizzmo in the forground is a shipping plug from the factory evidencing that this is the 1st time this pan has been removed. It is always thrown away as it was only used for shipping the transmission to the the assembly plant.

Differential Cover

This is the inside of a differential cover showing the ground steel attracted to the magnitised drain plug. The ring and pinion gears & other parts were grinding against each other which produced the metal grindings and a very loud hum or roar while moving.

Close-up of the Differential Cover

This shows a close-up of the grindings trapped by the magnet inside the differential cover. Obviously this differential needs attention.

Hot flush screen (filter)

This is a screen used to capture the debris coming out of the transmission's cooling system. If it is not absolutely clean, pieces of this contamination will cause major problems in your new transmission.

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