About Jim Jennings Transmissions

In 1950 Jim Jennings left North Wilkesboro, North Carolina at the age of 21 to go to work for the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company in Middle River, Maryland. As a machinist he developed the knack of working with precision equipment and instruments producing parts used in the aircraft that rolled out of the Middle River plant. During the next eight years, due to his abilities with precision machined parts, he was asked by fellow workers to help them work on their automatic transmissions. He developed a reputation as the "the guy to go to" if you needed help with an automatic transmission and eventually started a business while still working full time for Martins. His reputation and business grew rapidly and not only did his business become full-time but he hired two full-time employees. As luck would have it, Jim was invited to be the guest of Joe Eikenberg (owner of Aero Motors) for the 1958 opening of the Baltimore Orioles season. He took a rare day off because Joe told him there would be a lot of "car guys" there and it might be good for his business. As chance would have it he spent most of the day talking with the sales manager of AD Anderson Oldsmobile, Bill Kidd, who told him he was having a tough time with the transmission in a 1957 Packard. He told Jim if he could fix it he would never have to worry about having enough work. Jim came through and our family business has been doing transmission work for new car dealers in Baltimore, Baltimore County as well as Harford County since that day. Jims reputation for incredible honesty has been carried on by his sons Gary and Bill and his entire staff of 17.